If you decide to let your property, you need to ensure you will receive sound professional advice. Our letting staff members are carefully trained to put your needs first. Your point of contact will give you advice on every aspect of letting your property. For example, what you will have to pay for, what will be the likely order of events and what type of tenancy agreement you should use. We deal with the interviewing of prospective tenants, all issues involving current laws regarding letting property and we will give you practical and understandable advice at all times. Our service is designed to help you let your home without stress and worry.

Property management:

Our Property Management department use modern business skills and technology to efficiently manage all aspects of the tenancies and we have an effective quality control system that checks our standards. Household offers three levels of service to clients, let only, part-managed (let and rent) or fully managed. Fully Managed service includes everything from collecting the rent, to handling all legal and tenancy disputes and dealing with your tenant’s deposit.

Compliance with safety regulations:

Every landlord when letting needs to comply with the relevant legislations, regulations and guidelines. In particular with regard to gas and electrical appliances and any soft furnishings remaining at the property. For example, it is the law to have a landlord’s gas safety certificate carried out every year to ensure it meets the minimum standards of safety and also an electrical inspection and certificate carried out every five years.  Household Letting Agents can advise you on these requirements and arrange the necessary inspections.

On the market:

Once our marketing mechanisms swing into action, your property is added to our core register accessed by all our staff, advertisements are placed, particulars are produced and distributed to waiting tenants and the property is automatically placed on the internet with several portals for maximum exposure.

Find suitable tenants:

With an unrivalled range of marketing, Household Letting Agents have thousands of prospective tenants registered at both of our branches. We concentrate our efforts on providing the right tenant for our landlords, not just any tenant. Once we have found the correct tenant for you, references will be carried out on your behalf. Once they have been accepted by a referencing agency we will contact you to proceed to the next stage.

Tenancy agreement:

Once satisfactory references have been obtained, we will proceed to produce the tenancy agreement, normally an Assured Shorthold tenancy, for a minimum of 6 months or a maximum of 12 months at any one time. This will be signed by the tenants and either by Household Letting Agents acting as agents on behalf of the landlord or the landlord themselves.


An inventory and schedule of condition is produced by an independent Inventory Clerk prior to the commencement of the tenancy. This will be signed by the tenants and Household Letting Agents and a copy will be supplied to the tenant upon occupation.

Rent and deposit:

Household Letting Agents collect the first month’s rent in advance on the landlord’s behalf and this is paid into the landlords nominated account within 10 days of receipt. A deposit is held by the agent as stakeholder against unfair wear and tear and has to be registered in one of the three government regulated tenancy deposit schemes.


If Household Letting Agents are managing the property, all utilities will be transferred into the name of the tenant and at this stage the keys will be handed over to the tenant.