The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a legal document that provides details on the energy efficiency of a property. It looks at heating costs and carbon emissions, grading a property from A to G. It also gives both buyers and sellers information on the average cost of energy bills, with suggestions on how to save money with certain energy efficient measures.

How is an EPC presented?

The EPC can be presented displaying one or two graphs dependant on when it was carried out. The earlier versions contain two graphs. With the first including an energy rating, which measures the homes overall efficiency. If a property receives a high rating then it is more energy-efficient and this means that the energy bills are likely to cost less.

An environmental impact rating is displayed on the second graph. This measures the impact on the environment and the emissions from carbon dioxide. This rating will provide a list of cost-effective measures and the potential rating of the building if these are installed.

The newer certificates contain only a graph and has further sub sections containing information on how much money could be saved on lighting, heating and hot water. Other information provided on the newer certificate is advice on how to improve the efficiency of a property.

Both types of certificate are acceptable and within the legal requirements.

Who orders the EPC?

The responsibility of ordering the EPC is with the seller and you will have seven days to obtain it after putting your home on the market. As long as it has been ordered, the EPC does not need to be available when you first start marketing your property.

Household will normally arrange for your EPC to be carried out for you, this will be explained by our valuer.

Important changes to EPC regulations

Important changes to EPC regulations came into action from 6 April 2012.

These changes meant that EPCs are now required for all residential and non-residential properties offered for sale or rent. It is also required that an EPC is attached to the property particulars.

If you require any further information on EPCs, please contact us and we will be happy to help