Local knowledge & experience

When renting a property choosing an agent with local knowledge and experience is essential to ensure you receive the best advice in order to achieve the best tenants and best rent for your property. With over 30 years combined local agency experience, the staff in our rental department are best placed to offer this advice in a clear and professional manner.

First impressions

When prospective tenants see your property for the first time they make an immediate first impression. This is why getting the best possible images of your property is vital, we also add floorplans as standard for every instruction providing informative particulars for tenants to peruse.

High Street presence

Despite what the internet agents say, do not underestimate the importance of your agent being accessible. When dealing with renting a property, tenants are in and out of our office constantly. It is important not only from a marketing perspective but also from a management point of view to have an agent with a high street office so we can be on hand face to face whenever our clients need us. 

Online exposure

Of huge importance these days with over 80% of tenants searching for property online we ensure your property is displayed in all the right places and on all the best portals. Our website is mobile device friendly and our investment in online marketing is massive in comparison to our competitors.

Accompanied viewings

An agent showing a prospective tenant around a rental property is fundamental in allowing us to present a tenants interest to you with a full picture and breakdown of their situation and status. We are finding that often, for cost saving purposes, some agents are passing this responsibility on to landlords. We accompany every lettings viewing that takes place and provide you with fast and accurate feedback.


We understand that our reputation is only as strong as the tenants we provide, that’s why we ensure that we will only provide you with the very best of tenants. On our first contact with prospective tenants we qualify their suitability to rent your property via a rigorous registration process ensuring we are not wasting your time with the wrong people.


Each tenant aged 18 or above that will be residing in your property will be referenced and placed on the tenancy agreement, this is good practice and unfortunately not an attitude adopted by every agent. Our referencing process is extensive and thorough, tenants MUST pass each aspect of referencing in order to proceed with the successful rental of a property. We provide credit referencing, employment referencing and previous landlords referencing (where applicable) on each and every tenant.

Rent guarantee policy/Legal cover for non-payment of rent

Once a tenant has successfully passed referencing on our managed services, we include and provide a service for the first twelve months of the tenancy to secure the possession of the property due to non-payment of rent limited to a cost of £50,000. Renewals after the first 12 months of the tenancy are renewable at the landlords cost.

Alternatively a landlord can purchase a rent guarantee service for a 12 month period on the property which will also cover any missed rental payments. The monthly rent will be covered until vacant possession or expiration of the tenancy, whichever occurs first up to a maximum of six months payments. This service also includes the legal cover as above.  

Inventory check-in & check-out

Provided on our managed services and included in your fees, an independent photographic inventory or schedule of condition is provided, this is essential to protect the condition of your property from any aspects or instances of unfair wear and tear during the tenancy. A check in is provided by the independent body on the day the tenants move in which they sign to accept the condition they receive the property in. Our check out service is provided by the same inventory clerk and check in clerk which promotes consistency throughout the tenancy and gives us the best chance of securing any deductions from a tenant’s deposit if necessary.

Deposit registration

We insist on a deposit of five weeks rent on every tenancy. This security bond is larger than that which most other agents request from tenants, we do this for the protection of your property. On our managed services we register this deposit for you and mediate the release of the deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Regular inspections

We provide regular property inspections on our fully managed service level. The first inspection takes place in the first four weeks of the tenancy and inspections follow every quarter throughout the life of the tenancy, the most regular inspections that we are aware of. You receive a detailed report every time we visit your property, keeping you in the loop and giving you peace of mind regarding the condition of your home.

Rent collection & payment

Rent collection and rent payment to you is our responsibility and our accounts are done regularly so you never have to wait long for the rent to hit your account once we have collected it.


Dependant on which service level you choose, we can offer to administer the maintenance of the property throughout the tenancy offering you the chance to relax knowing that every aspect of your rental is being taken care of. We identify if the cost is a landlord cost before giving our reputable and local contractors authority to resolve the issue. We only have authority to have work carried out up to a prearranged value giving you confidence that we won’t be spending unnecessarily.


When the time is right and you wish for the tenants to move on for whatever reason we serve the relevant legal notices on your behalf.

With such a comprehensive range of services and the wealth of experience that we are able to draw on, your property will be cared for by an agent with your best interests at heart, with an understanding that by providing the best tenants and best service for you we have the best chance of building a long standing business relationship.