Our valuer will advise you as to the best price to ask for your property based on their knowledge of the market and will take into consideration all relevant information. You decide on the asking price and once this has been agreed and you are ready to place the property on the market we will make the necessary arrangements for the required documentation to be put in place.

On the market:

Our marketing mechanisms swing into action, our photographer visits to take the best possible pictures and the valuer completes a detailed floor plan and the property particulars are produced. Your property is added to our core register accessed by all of our staff who in turn contact prospective buyers. The details are then placed online with the main portals and additional advertisements are booked.


We make contact with you to arrange convenient times for potential purchasers to view. We would always recommend an accompanied viewing where we show the purchasers around your property, however, it is your choice if you would prefer to show them around yourself.


After each viewing we will promptly feed back to you. In cases where we are unable to contact the applicant we will tell you, so you are not left wondering whether they are interested or not. Throughout the marketing process you will receive regular verbal updates explaining what is being done to find you a buyer.


Once a prospective purchaser has placed an offer on your property we carry out financial qualification to verify their ability to purchase the property at the price they have offered. We confirm all offers in writing to you as well as discussing them verbally. At this stage all offers are subject to contract and are not binding to either party.

Sale agreed:

Once a price has been agreed, along with any other issues such as fixtures and fittings, completion dates etc, we will produce a Memorandum of sale that will include the agreed terms between you and your buyer, along with details of your nominated solicitors as well as your buyers details and their solicitors.


This is the legal process required to change the ownership of a property from one person to another (see conveyancing section).

Exchange of contracts:

Once the contract has been signed by both parties, you are asked by your solicitor to pay the agreed deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price, but it is negotiable). Once this deposit has cleared your solicitor will take your instructions to exchange the contracts and set a completion date that is mutually agreeable. Once exchange has taken place you will be informed and the transaction is then legally binding to both parties.


This is the day that the transaction is completed and keys will be collected by the purchaser of your home. If you are purchasing onwards, this is the day you receive the keys to your new home as well. Solicitors arrange for the outstanding balance of the purchase prices to be paid and when this is received your solicitor will authorise us to release the keys to the new owners. This normally takes place by approximately 14.00hours on the day of completion although this can vary.