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Decluttering Tips Create Space At Home


A decluttered home is more spacious, and it may help you feel more at ease in your surroundings.

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Tips On Working From Home


If you find yourself working from home, you should follow these tips to help you work more productively and maintain a good work-life balance.

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Coming To Terms With Coronavirus


Stay in touch with the latest housing news and if you need any advice or guidance, please get in touch.

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Buyers Happy To Renovate Homes If Required


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March 2020 Budget – Housing Market Reaction


Anyone looking to make a move in the housing market should focus on the 2020 March Budget and the new measures introduced.

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Home Ownership Not Top Priority For Tenants


While homeownership is a major aim for most people, it isn't something which everyone wants, or is working towards.

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Brokers Expect Buy To Let Market To Grow In 2020


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Rental Yield Growth Tipped For 2020


If you are a landlord, it is essential you are prepared for what is coming next, and we can help.

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Surge In Over 60s Tenants


As a landlord, it is vital you know who your most likely tenants are, and what they want from you as a landlord.

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Home Buying Enquiries Surged After Election


With a range of sources indicating buyer demand is rising, vendors should be ready to supply this demand.

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Buyer Demand Rising In Early 2020


Many industry experts believe there will be a rise in buyer activity in the 2020 housing market.

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Leading Saving Goals For UK Tenants


Knowing what tenants are looking to achieve is important information for landlords and vendors.

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A Return Of Confidence In Housing Market


Many people have high hopes for the 2020 property market, and we are here to ensure you make an informed decision at all times.

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Landlords: Dealing With Void Periods


Void periods are challenging for landlords, so make sure you are aware of the risks, and take steps to minimise the problems you face.

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What Is Next For Home Buyers?


If you are looking to connect with buyers, think about the assistance they need, and make their next steps easier for them.

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A Home Office Can Sell Or Let Your Property


More and more buyers are looking for home office space, so make sure you deliver this and you'll connect with them.

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Decluttering Helps Sell Homes


Decluttering your home attracts buyers, and it can help you sell your property this winter.

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Energy Efficiency Improvements Sell Homes In Dunstable


If you want to connect with likely buyers, make sure your home is an energy-efficient property.

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We are looking for the best dressed Christmas tree


Make sure your tree looks fantastic this year with a Household bauble, and you can enter our competition to receive complimentary selling fees if y...

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Toddington Landlords – Between Tenancy Tips


Void periods are concerning for landlords, but you can use this time to improve your property, and reach better tenants.

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How To Winter Proof Your Home


Winter weather poses many problems and challenges at home, but with our help, you can be ready for anything.

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Luton Vendors - Quick Fixes for Property Viewings


The viewing stage is crucial when selling your home, and these quick fixes help you make a fantastic impression.

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Stamp Duty Guide for First Time Buyers


With first-time buyers making up the largest group of property buyers in the UK, there is a lot of help on offer for these buyers.

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Tips For Toddington First-Time Buyers


Buying your first home is exciting, but you want to make sure you get as much help and guidance as you can. We are here to help.

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How To Add Extra Bathrooms And Increase Property Value


A bathroom adds value to your home and makes your property more appealing to buyers, so reach out to your audience and make the best impression.

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Dunstable Vendors: Tips To Sell Homes This Autumn


It is possible to sell your home in autumn, and these tips will provide you with the best guidance and support to do so.

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Avoid These Property Viewing Turn-Offs


If you are looking to sell your home, fix these problems and create the best impression on likely buyers.

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Looking To Become A Dunstable Landlord: Help Is Available


With high demand for rental property, you can achieve success as a landlord, and we can help you.

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Dunstable Homeowners Looking To Sell By Christmas? Act Now


If you want to be settled by 2020, it is best to be active now in the local property market.

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6 Tips On Finding Your Ideal Home


Finding your perfect home isn't easy, but with our support, we can help you choose what is vital for you.

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Are You An Accidental Landlord In Dunstable? Follow These...


If you are an accidental landlord, we have tips and guidance which makes your role much simpler.

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Local Knowledge Sells Your Home – Brush Up In 2019


Buyers want to know about your home and the local area, so provide them with as much relevant local information as you can.

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Household – Silsoe Lower F.C


Household Support local Football team

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Sky's the limit for Household Staff


Watch the video of our very own very brave employee Amy Norman courageously take to the skies over Northamptonshire to raise funds for our local ch...

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Brits garden wish list


UK homebuyers' garden wish lists include BBQs, hot tubs and summerhouses, new research has revealed.

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House price rises boost home mover funds


Homeowners that have been moving home over the last 12 months have seen a boost in the equity of their existing property.

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Speeding up the conveyancing process


Beth Rudolf, Director of DC Law talks about the work she has been doing with the industry to speed up the conveyancing process.

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What’s in store for the property market in 2014?


Robin King, Director, Move with Us, the residential property group, shares his views on what's in store for the property market in 2014.

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