Energy Efficiency Improvements Sell Homes In Dunstable

News at Household | 27/11/2019

Anyone who is selling their home needs an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The EPC offers an easy to read guide on how energy-efficient a property is, including a rating. This information is of significant interest to buyers, who want to know how energy-efficient a home is before they make an offer.

This is becoming an increasingly important aspect in the property market, and vendors are advised to be aware of its importance. If you are a Dunstable vendor, we believe energy efficiency improvements sell homes, and we are here to assist you improve your home.

Why should I make my home more energy efficient if I am about to sell it?

If you haven’t spent a lot of time considering the importance of energy-efficiency improvements, you may not be aware as to why these improvements matter. The following pieces of information will hopefully help you understand why making energy-efficiency improvements help you sell your home:

·         Buyers are keen to see energy-efficient homes, so a well-rated property will attract a greater volume of buyers

·         When the marketplace is crowded, you need to stand out from the crowd, and a great EPC rating helps you differentiate your property from other listings

·         When your property is energy efficient, it is much easier to provide guests with the warm welcome they expect when viewing the property

·         An energy-efficient home offers lower energy bills, which is of value and interest to buyers

These reasons should convince you that making energy-efficient improvements to your home makes sense, and will enable you to entice buyers to your property.

Is it expensive to improve the energy-efficiency of my home?

You can spend a lot of money improving the energy-efficiency of your home, but you don’t have to. If you are looking to upgrade your boiler, or you want to install double glazed windows, you will spend a lot of money. These are highly effective ways to improve the energy-efficiency of your home, and you will see a return on your investment. However, you will need to spend a lot of money to achieve this.

Thankfully, there are more affordable ways for a homeowner to improve their energy-efficiency rating. If you swap out your traditional bulbs for energy-efficient bulbs, you will make a positive change at home. If you install loft insulation or cavity wall insulation, you will retain heat better, boosting the energy-efficiency rating of your property.

These changes aren’t expensive, but over time, they will help the homeowner to save money. If you lower your energy bill each month, you will go a long way to saving a more significant amount of money over the course of a year, or years.

We know vendors have a lot to consider when selling their home, and don’t need many other tasks to be added to the process. However, if you have an energy-efficient home, you significantly enhance your chances of selling your home.

If you want to value your property, or you need guidance on what changes you should make, contact Household, and we will be more than happy to help.