Avoid These Property Viewing Turn-Offs

News at Household | 08/10/2019

While each stage of the sales process is essential, the viewing stage is highly critical. No matter how many prospective buyers love your listing or are attracted to photographs of the property if they don’t like the house during the viewing process, they won’t make an offer.

It is crucial vendors recognise the best features of their home, and accentuate these elements. If you can make your home look more appealing, you go a long way to making buyers feel at home. However, vendors should also be aware of problems that turn buyers off. If you make yourself aware of the leading property viewing turn-offs and know how to avoid them, you’ll go a long way to creating a positive impression.

What do buyers hate to see when viewing a property?

A recent study asked people who had viewed property in the UK in the past year what they didn’t like to see when viewing a home. The biggest issue, cited by 76% of respondents, was extensive stains, marks and cracks on floors, ceilings and walls. When you prepare your home for a viewing, it is essential you focus on these areas, and make the house as presentable as possible.

If a prospective buyer sees these problems, it is likely they will develop doubts about a property. Buyers expect homeowners to make their home as appealing as possible, so when there are obvious problems of this nature, it sets a bad precedent for the overall condition of the property.

Bathroom fixtures are critical when presenting your property

Another issue that turns buyers off is problems with bathroom fixtures. If there is low water pressure or the toilet doesn’t flush, prospective buyers will form a negative impression of the home. If the buyer looks at a range of houses, this is more than enough to lead to one person overlooking the property and focusing on others.

Safety is always paramount when presenting a property for sale

There is no denying that buyers want to see a safe and secure home. Anything which places a person or people at risk is a concern, and it can hamper the homeowner’s chances of selling their home. In the recent study, 66% of respondents said exposed wires would cause them to view the property less favourably.

Safety and style often overlap

Sometimes issues with safety overlap with style problems. A lot of respondents, 63% of them, said they didn’t like to view properties which had broken, damaged or uneven flooring. If you have these problems at home, it is best to repair or resolve the issue before placing your home on the market.

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