Toddington Landlords – Between Tenancy Tips

News at Household | 20/11/2019

Most landlords aren’t happy if they are between tenancies. When you are dealing with a void period, you don’t generate rental income. If you don’t have sufficient cover in place, this may leave you exposed financially. Given that many landlords are reliant on rental income to pay their buy-to-let mortgage, a void period can be concerning.

However, Toddington landlords can also view the time between tenancies as an opportunity. If you make the right improvements in and around your property, you can significantly improve the appeal and appearance of your rental property. If you’re a landlord looking to maximise the return of your rental property, we have some between tenancy tips for you.

Arrange a deep clean of the property

While all landlords know the benefits of offering a deep clean, a void period at your property gives you a chance to clean the accommodation to the highest standard. Arranging for professional cleaners to visit your property incurs a cost, but the benefits offer short and long-term values.

A professionally cleaned property looks immaculate, and it will impress potential tenants when they see your property listing. You may attract a better standard of tenant than you have before. You may also be able to generate a higher rental fee than you could previously. When your rental property is spotlessly clean, it looks fantastic, and this affects who wants to live there.

You will also benefit from improved tenant behaviour. When a tenant moves into a very clean property, they are motivated to maintain this standard. Alternatively, if a tenant moves into a messy property, they won’t go out of their way to keep the property clean. Over time, this leads to a deterioration in the property, and your home may lose value.

A clean home maintains its value

However, when you have an immaculate property that is well maintained, it holds and even increases in value. If you’re a landlord focusing on the short and long-term, investing in cleaning services makes sense. If you need assistance arranging a cleaning team to deep clean your rental property, we can help.

Improve and prove the standard of your rental property

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act requires landlords to care for their property and tenants. You have a duty of care to offer a safe rental property, and you must also comply with various regulations.

When you don’t have a tenant in your rental property, it makes sense to call on qualified engineers and professionals to assess your property. This is the perfect time to update your gas safety certificate, and you should have professionals review your electrical appliances. Not only will this create a safe environment for tenants, it provides you with a record which states you are complying with relevant regulations.

If you are a Toddington landlord looking for support in managing your rental property, please get in touch. At Household, we aim to provide you with the best standard of support in caring for your tenants and rental accommodation, so contact us today.