Luton Vendors - Quick Fixes for Property Viewings

News at Household | 08/11/2019

If you are selling your home, and you have made it to the viewing stage, congratulations. Selling your home isn’t easy, and a lot of homeowners struggle to attract attention. However, you still need to make a great impression at this stage, because there is no guarantee a prospective buyer will love your home. At Household, we are pleased to say we have assisted many Luton vendors, and if you’re selling your home, here are some quick fixes for property viewings.

Make sure your bed is made

It may sound like a small or silly thing, but an unmade bed sets the wrong tone and impression when selling your home. You want to create a pristine effect for buyers, and if your bedroom is messy, it will shatter all illusions.

When your bed is not made, it is apparent someone is living here, you, and this will block the buyer from imagining themselves living in the property.

Allow as much natural light in as possible

It is important to allow as much natural light into your home as you can. Make sure you open your curtains, and remove items from around your windows.

Wipe down all surfaces

When you prepare for a viewing, it is easy to focus on the big cleaning tasks, but you cannot afford to overlook the small cleaning jobs either. You should check all counter-tops and surfaces and wipe them down before you welcome guests to your home.

Get rid of the garbage

Again, you have so many things to consider when preparing your home for guests, you may overlook some things. Taking out the garbage is a regular task at home, but it is one that is sometimes put off or delayed. If you want to create the best impression on prospective buyers, you must make sure all rubbish bags are taken out and disposed of correctly.

Ensure the bathrooms are in great condition

It stands to reason you need to offer a clean, tidy and hygienic bathroom. When you are preparing your home for a viewing, you will likely give the bathroom an overhaul. However, if you are living in the property as you sell it, the bathroom is very much in use. It doesn’t take a lot for a bathroom to look messy, so make sure you give this room the once over to ensure it is in a condition you are happy for guests to see.

Keep closets and cupboards tidy

Given the importance of storage space, cupboards and closets are crucial for buyers. Therefore, viewers will look at these spaces, which means they must be clean and tidy. Don’t throw items into these areas in an attempt to make the main living areas look tidy, as this only causes you problems later on.

If you are selling your home in Luton, and you are looking for support, contact Household. We are pleased to say we have helped many Luton vendors reach buyers and sell their home. We know the viewing stage is often challenging, but with our help, you can make a positive impression.