Looking To Become A Dunstable Landlord: Help Is Available

News at Household | 01/10/2019

Even though many landlords are finding the rental landscape in 2019 to be difficult, there is no denying that many people believe that being a landlord is a lucrative business. After all, rental fees are rising and there is no shortage of demand for rental options from tenants. If you were to offer people the chance to invest in a market where fees were rising, as is the demand for the product or service, there would be a lot of interest. Therefore, if you are looking to become a Dunstable landlord, Household is on hand to help.

It should be stated that while many landlords are unhappy with the state of the market, new entrants to the sector may find it easier to be profitable. This is because landlords who are in the market have likely had a business model in place for several years only to see this model eroded by many changes in the sector. Regulatory changes, tax issues, stamp duty charges and many fees have made it harder for landlords to run a profitable business and many professionals are keen to get out.

New landlords have a genuine opportunity to generate income and be a success

However, for people looking to enter the market as a landlord will be aware of these issues and they should be able to create a business plan or structure which helps them deal with these matters while making a profit. Given that landlords are looking to exit the market, there should be even further opportunities to find willing tenants and make money.

It isn’t easy being a landlord but with the right level of help and guidance, new entrants will find that they have a chance of success in the sector. At Household, we are here to ensure you receive the support you need and if you’re looking to become a Dunstable landlord, get in touch.

Being a landlord is a solution for many people

The fact that the demand to become a landlord has been backed by a recent survey suggests that this is a line of thought that many people have had recently. The study has been undertaken by Sainsbury’s Banking and it suggests that 9% of adults in the United Kingdom have expressed an interest in obtaining a buy to let mortgage this year. While it would be unreasonable to expect most people in this group to follow through with their plans, there is no denying that even a small proportion following through to become a landlord could positively impact on the market.

Many people see being a landlord in order to better themselves. The study suggested that 35% of respondents are considering becoming a landlord due to changes in their personal circumstances. A further 29% of respondents cited the opportunities afforded by the market as a reason to get involved with the rental sector. These views are understandable but as long as people understand the challenges of being a landlord, they should be able to enter the market with a chance of success.

If you are keen to become a Dunstable landlord, contact Household and we will do everything we can to help you achieve these aims.