How To Add Extra Bathrooms And Increase Property Value

News at Household | 22/10/2019

There are many ways you can add value to your home, but adding space or another room makes sense. Of course, you don’t want to add any old room, and if you’re looking for the best way to increase property value, adding an extra bathroom is a smart suggestion.

This is a strategy that provides a good return on your investment, and valuation agents freely admit that adding a bathroom helps to increase the value of a property. If you’re considering this option, and want to make sure you add a bathroom in the right manner, let Household provide you with guidance and assistance.

Can you break up an existing room to add a bathroom?

If you have sizable rooms at home, you’ll find splitting the room to add a bathroom makes perfect sense. You won’t lose out on one of your existing rooms being made smaller, and you can create an en-suite facility that makes a home more appealing.

A strong positive of this step is that in the majority of instances, you won’t need to obtain planning permission for the work. Also, unlike the case when you extend the property, all your external walls are in place, which should make the process simpler.

Can you convert a garage space?

If you have a garage space that isn’t fully utilised, it makes sense to convert it into something of more significant benefit. A living area is a smart way to get more value of garage space, and you can add a small bathroom section quickly.

When you convert a garage space, you need to improve security, insulation, ventilation and consider aspects like fireproofing and improving structural support. However, if you review these elements and can justify the cost, it is something to think about when enhancing your home.

Do you have unused loft space?

Given that space is vital in a home, any unused space should be harnessed. If you have unused loft space, it is worth your while considering if it can be used more effectively. Converting this space into a bedroom or living area transforms a home, and can add value to the property.

With some homeowners making the new area a contained space, you should consider the benefits of adding a small bathroom facility here. Not having to trek up and downstairs to go to the toilet will make life more comfortable at home.

With the bathroom being a vital component of family life, it is important you understand how vital these rooms are in attracting buyers, and adding value to the home.

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