Dunstable Vendors: Tips To Sell Homes This Autumn

News at Household | 15/10/2019

While it is possible to sell your home at any time of the year, it is fair to say there are more active times of the year for property sales. Spring is still the busiest season of the year, and a lot of people will only engage the market at this time. While there is a lull in summer, the market picks up again in autumn.

If you are a Dunstable vendor looking to move on, we have some tips to help you sell your home this autumn.

Look for eager buyers

While all buyers will have an element of keenness to buy their new home, some buyers are more motivated than others. You or your estate agent should speak with likely buyers, and determine their motivation and enthusiasm for the deal.

There will be some buyers who are determined to be settled in their new home by Christmas. These are the buyers you should look out for, as these are the buyers who are likely to be motivated to make the deal happen. When you have a motivated buyer, the selling process should run quicker and more smoothly.

You have to keep your garden clean

Autumn is a fantastic time of year for nature lovers. When the leaves change colour, there is a stunning aesthetic beauty, with browns, reds, yellows and gold brightening up garden areas. Of course, these leaves look amazing on trees, but once the leaves have fallen and clutter the garden, they are not as appealing.

You should know the importance of kerb appeal, and it is vital to make a positive impression on buyers before they step foot inside your house. Therefore, you need to keep your garden area clean and make sure paths are swept, keeping them clear and safe.

Add seasonal flourishes inside the house

While you should minimise the autumnal appearance in your garden, there is a lot to be said for adding a few autumn aspects in and around your home. When you add seasonal flourishes to your home, it makes your house seem fresh and up to date.

Also, the colours associated with autumn and homely and welcoming. Adding a few autumn accessories helps to create a strong impression with buyers, hopefully persuading them to make an offer on your house.

Try to arrange viewings during daylight hours

As there are fewer daylight hours in autumn, it is often challenging to arrange suitable viewing times. You want viewings in the daytime, as this provides buyers with the chance to explore the home, property and area properly.

If you can be flexible in offering daylight viewings, you should find it easier to connect with likely buyers.

If you are looking to sell your home in Dunstable, it is best to call on the services of a leading local agent. At Household Estate Agents, we are pleased to say we have helped many vendors in and around Luton, Dunstable and Toddington. For property valuation services, and the best standard of support whether you are buying, selling or letting, contact us today.