Brits garden wish list

News at Household | 15/07/2014

UK homebuyers' garden wish lists include BBQs, hot tubs and summerhouses, new research has revealed.

Ocean Finance collected responses from more than 2,000 UK adults to divulge what the most popular additions to outside space are. Forty-seven per cent of respondents would like a patio and decking, while 38% just want an outdoor space with enough room for a table and chairs.

Further down the pole, 10% of homebuyers would like a summerhouse and 22% would like a hot tub. Built in BBQs prove to be a popular option to make homes more attractive at 27%.

Ian Williams, a Spokesman for Ocean Finance, commented: "While the humble shed is currently the most popular garden feature, the number of people who dream of owning a built-in BBQ might see the traditional shed coming down to make way for some alfresco cooking.”